Best thing about summer

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Internet hit meets tv disaster?

Four years ago a great hit to the internet video world struck the nation. JKL Productions turned from boring backyard videos about sandwiches made from bread and candy to three teenagers bogusly dressed in outfits dancing to Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect" hit song. Pointless, but it struck viewers' funny bone with reaching over 9 million views. Soon after that JKL introduced a character that the web loved: Fred. JKL Productions cranked out multiple videos featuring the high pitched voiced boy who used his mom's video camera on Halloween to make a video. Many videos such as that followed, but needless to say, this was a internet hit. Nickoloen has gotten together with Lucas, "Fred," from JKL Productions to produce the newly released "Fred: The Movie." but was this movie a hit? Or did it ruin the once hilairous films from YouTube?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senior Farewell

Heeeey there, Medina! Tomorrow is Senior's last day here! (Lucky them, I wouldn't come back, either.) Congrats Seniors! Today was cheesy dipper day, the last available day for seniors to get them! Delish! The bumps and roars are still about at Medina, same old, same old. Tomorrow there is a fire drill at 8:45 during second peroid; so, enjoy that M-Town! The day we leave here is the day we leave the burning fires of MHS. I don't think things will ever settle down here, everyone can not be happy around here with everything going on. So enjoy it while it's going. Make it a great day Medina.

Friday, May 21, 2010

X amount of days left at MHS

Only X amount of days left here at MHS. And we have exams coming up. I'm glad all my teachers are helping us prepare for exams! ..Not. It's another lovely day here at MHS. Today is the Principal's Cookout, the day that the principals do work for us! Make it a great day, Medina.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Cheesy Dippers, for the second week..

Today is Thursday. Last week on this day, there was no cheesy dippers, Cheesy Dippers is supposed to be served every other week.. Today, there is NO CHEESY DIPPERS. This school is sick, first all of the last post, now no cheesy dippers when there's supposed to be cheesy dippers, this is an outrage. This school is a joke.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let's get rid of classes..

Medina High School keeps making its reputation drop. First it's the lanyards, then it's the busses, then it was hypercost for sports along with some classes, losing all French and German classes, and advanced Spanish classes, now it's not only sewing and languages but other classes consisting of Creative Writing. The kids who wish to take creative writing classes are now left in the water, with no life jacket. These children that wanted to go into a field in life for a carreer path as a writer, creative writing, the ones with the imagination, now are left with no hope. This does not include the other classes that were cut with no help to save them, there is nothing these small children can do against the administrative villians of Medina.

Don't forget some socks, and leave your pencils at home, there is no more hope for classes, Medina.

Maybe the administration should stop getting our hopes up that there is a chance to save some classes, and just tell us straight up what's gone and what's to stay.

Make it a great one, Medina.

Friday, April 30, 2010

MedinoDucks are born today!

It's Friday! Last day of the week we have to be at MHS, unless you have Saturday school tomorrow, of course. Currently, pretzles are the snack of the hour. Many people have tests today in many classes. This morning, there were eight baby ducks born in the court yard, those are some MedinoDucks. (:

Don't forget your panties, and with this warm weather, be sure you're not showing too much skin!


Friday, April 23, 2010

A terrible tale.

A terrible tale of a town far, far away.. In a town filled with Black Magic and administraters that make you have your name, picture, and identification number branded on to your forearms, (continue story in comments.)